Review Sniper

Helping you get more awesome product reviews all while staying 100% compliant.


Sorry this offer is closed

Sorry this offer is closed

100% Compliant

These reviewers want to review your product and amazon tells us that! We are not paying anyone for a review and only exchanging a product for an honest review.

Increase Conversions

Honest reviews from the top reviewers on amazon hold a lot of weight and are more valuable than other reviews. Reviews are a MAJOR factor for people deciding to buy.

Increased Sales

Increased conversions lead to increased sales which lead to better ranking and more profit.

Fast, Complete, Intuitive

Your new daily money making activity could be emailing the top reviewers and getting favorable reviews consistently. What would that do for your sales?


Number of Reviews

Number of Emails

Number of Reviewers

How much is ONE review worth?

$50? $20? $100?

We asked a lot of people this question and the reply we got the most was $50. Some of the top amazon marketers, people making 250k per month would pay $50 per positive review and even more for a review from one of the top amazon reviewers.

Now we know everyone reading this isn’t making 250k per month selling their products on amazon so that is why we decided to do something crazy.

We aren’t going to charge you $50 per email or even $50 per review but just $49.97 per month for 10 reviewer’s emails per day. Each day it starts over. So this is your new (or your outsourcer’s) daily task to email these reviewers and get more high quality reviews for your products.

Review Sniper

Quickly find relevant top amazon reviewers for your products
  • Web/cloud Based – complete review searches in seconds!
  • Access the full Amazon review database updated (at least) monthly (over 3.5 million reviews from the top 10,000 Amazon reviewers)
  • Email Templates
  • Ability to filter by “has contact info”
  • Ability to filter by “is video review”
  • Index will be updated monthly
  • Webinar Training Session
  • Criteria Mark looks for when vetting reviewers
  • Reverse engineering your competition
Sorry this offer is closed


Am I locked in to any sort of contract?

No, It is set up to be month by month and you can cancel anytime right through your paypal dashboard.

What do I put in the emails to these people?

The reviewers we are showing you are in the top 10,000 of all reviewers on They are used to getting review requests. Just be kind and polite when you ask them. Some of them will want you to send them a promo code and others will want you to send the product directly to them. Either way is fine.

Is this really 100% compliant?

The short answer is yes, this is 100% compliant as long as you don’t offer the reviewer any sort of compensation for reviewing the product. This of course we (tarsier) has no control over. Amazon has their own program call Vine Voice and we are just leveraging that and other reviewers on amazon. Making it easy for you to find relevant reviewers to send your product to.

You can see more info about amazon’s guidelines on reviews here


Isn't Review Sniper going to overload these reviewers?

This is a great question and one we have thought about. We are going to be putting in daily limits with how many emails you can get out of the system in one day. This should be plenty that you will never have to worry about it but we just don’t want to overload the reviewers with 5,000 extra emails in a day than what they were previously used to receiving.

If the limit we put in place is too low for you just contact us through the support link at the top or at and we will take good care of you.